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The stories about three teeny brothers will help children to realize that we live in a wonderful world, and that everybody is a unique person. This is the book for children who like to ask 'why's! For those who searches for answers to all kind of questions: Why rose needs prickles?Why fish live in water?And certainly for those who searches for the most important answers to the most important questions: Why does the sun shine?What is special about each of us?How can we learn to be happy? The main purpose of the book is to help children choose a moral and wise direction in life. This is the book of breathtaking adventures and amazing stories, but it teaches children to seek the Most Important Things in life. The hero, a kind touching sunbeam,warms children with love on every page of the book. The book is aimed for children, but as any philosophy fairy-tales and stories, it can be helpful for adults too.

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