gun law

ENGLISH-IN-LAW is a text-book presenting interesting material with a major focus on legal English. It combines incentive ideas from the field of law with the strongly task-based approach. It can be used both in class and for self-study by students of law, philosophy, sociology, political sciences, etc.Its assignments and tasks help learners of English to acquire and develop useful skills of reading, writing, speaking as well as communicative and cross-cultural competences.Key words: law, aims of law, morality, self-interest, lawyers, positive law, international law, common law, statute law, public law, parliament, government, state.Авторский коллектив: Бережнева Н.А., Борисоглебская Е.А., Голобородко А.Г., Карпова Д.П., Корышева Н.Ю., Тарасова Т.И.

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