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Where do you turn when the darkness creeps in and refuses to give way to light? How do you face a world that seems to be crashing down around you? How do you push through the devastation and move forward?This life is full of agonizing circumstances. Every day, people face terrible trials, and for some, it appears unending. So what do we do when we encounter a darkness that does not seem to lift?Darkest of Days is a personal account of one such person. Sparing no details, this author will take you on her journey to confront the Enemy and emerge from the ashes of her life victorious in Christ. Her story contains a few of the key struggles she has had to endure, along with the promises God has given to us through His Son.Rape, abuse, mental and physical health issues, the death of children, loss of family and friends, wavering faith. These things can touch us on a level so deep, even we cannot fully understand their gravity at times. Still, if we continue to persevere and seek counsel, we can indeed overcome them.Whatever our past, present, or future holds, we can take solace in one truth: God loves us, right where we are. He will never leave us or forsake us. His love is unending, and His comfort is forever with us, even in our darkest of days.

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